February 11, 2006

Consistency Is a Privilege of the Retired Politician

by PG

A. Rickey asks "Where Were You in 2000?" in criticizing the ACS -- founded in 2001 -- and its sympathizers -- who are much older -- for failing to notice that large-scale data mining by the U.S. government predates G.W. Bush's White House. But there's at least one honest man left in America: former congressman Bob Barr, who pushed for an amendment to the 1999 Foreign Intelligence Authorization bill that required the Intelligence Community to report within 60 days on the precise legal standards it uses when communications involving American citizens are intercepted. (The Village Voice also investigated, surely disreputing its status in the Liberal Media.)

Now it appears that Barr is becoming a bit less popular than one would expect a Clinton impeachment manager to be among the GOP faithful: "He says President Bush is breaking the law by eavesdropping on U.S. citizens without warrants. And fellow conservatives, for the most part, don't want to hear it."

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