November 12, 2006

Ain't No Other Man But Wu

by PG

Though I was underwhelmed by Project Posner, clearly people who know Columbia Law Professor Tim Wu better find him even more impressive than Scientific American does.

"I wonder if Tim Wu would be interested in teaching this as a lesson in copyright infringement." -- Anonymous Law Revue performer

UPDATE: Now it's the lede to a New York Observer article. Takeaway quote for law students:

When Mr. Wu�s application for a Supreme Court clerkship was being reviewed, Mr. Lessig recalled being asked by Justice Breyer, �Both you and Dick Posner seem to think he�s really outstanding, but he�s not on the Harvard Law Review.�
He got the job anyway. As hard as it is to imagine, this sentiment from the justice seems to encapsulate the feelings of other academics about Mr. Wu, some of whom can�t help but envy the way things seem to have fallen into place so easily for him.
�There�s sort of a traditional path in law school,� he said. �� You can imagine a house that everyone�s trying to get into, which is something like a Supreme Court clerkship. I always thought there was a massive line headed at the front door, but if you just took a little side route �. It seemed to me everyone was trying to beat down the same door. You could do a little bit of different thinking, and jump in through an open window.�
And just for fun: "In a phone conversation, the law-student skit came up, and he talked about it and the 'I ♥ Wu' shorts, sheepishly.
'I have to get a pair of those,' he said."

UPDATE 2: Turns out Wu is giving George Clooney some competition for "Sexiest Man Alive."

But even Wu's greatest fans have to disagree. "All things being equal, Wu will never have anything on George Clooney. Clooney is a stud." "I'm sorry, but George Clooney totally deserves that title. Tim Wu can't compete with Batman."

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