December 11, 2006

How to Vote

by Armen

Some say litigators are inherently competitive. Appellate lawyers are outright ferocious.* So in that vein, the H-Man is plugging for votes as the best law blog of 2006. Since the powers that be seem ignorant of the greatness that is De Novo, I'm willing to throw our votes behind How Appealing. Follow the instructions on that website. Remember, one vote per browser per 24 hours. I expect an average of 2.5 votes from De Novo readers.**

* I would have liked to have seen the competition stepped up with the addition of SCOTUSBlog to the list of candidates. Maybe it would have driven Tom Goldstein to post a podcast about why that blog should get your vote...and how to win a motion to file in forma pauperis.

** I own a laptop and a desktop and the law school has PLENTY of computers, and I'm not stingy with my votes.

December 11, 2006 3:17 AM | TrackBack

So sorry. By far, I enjoy Jack Balkin's work, competitive or not.

But you two put on a pretty good show; do you have to pass the bar to be eligible?

Posted by: Kevin Hayden at December 11, 2006 4:00 AM
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