December 26, 2006

If Blogs Could Blush

by PG

Thanks to Blawg Review for its commendation of De Novo as "Best Group Blog by Law Students." As we are striving to keep this as such, and with De Novo's two most prolific posters graduating this year, we hope that pre-law students, 1Ls and 2Ls will be interested in joining us and taking over. Remember you can e-mail PG at the address in the right sidebar at any time if you'd like to try blogging with us.

In the spirit of bringing attention to those newer bloggers, here are some student blawgs that began in 2006:

can i quit yet? which in its title and lack of capitalization reminds me of some of the despairing comments that still are made to an old post of Jeremy's about dropping out of law school. The littlest tortfeasor, meanwhile, is leaving law school after one semester and two posts.

Law School Virgin, who has lost her law school virginity but not the other one, though she's inching toward it. The author of My So-Called Law School aspires "to get my JD and pass the bar without losing my sanity, and I'm hoping to make some good friends and maybe meet a cute guy along the way."

Top Gunner. Only now, two and half years after starting law school, have I realized that playing Gunner Bingo actually would have been incredibly beneficial to me because then I would have paid more attention in class, if only to know whether the gunners on my playcard were talking.

Luis Villa's blog, which seems to be taking over in the areas of tech and Columbia-specific posting where Three Years of Hell left off. Another CLS 1L, Tanner Jones, posts infrequently, lengthily and usefully at Legal Economics.

There's I'll Be the Juddge of That, Auri Sacra Fames (no, I don't know what it means), but chickenwingsandbeer most overtly bids to assume the WingsandVodka mantle as UT blawgger.

Useless Dicta, whose About hits a little too close to home, as does the tagline for The Life and Times of a Former Hoss; Slacker & Slacker LLP, who currently are slacking on their blog.

Proving that blawgging draws all kinds: on the one hand, Perky to a Fault; on the other, Law Bitches.

Mel Woods, to whom I wish the best in her mom's recovery, and although it started in 2005, I don't think I'd read Rambling Without Cause before, and now I'm both sympathetic and geographically envious.

If I've missed your newish student blawg, feel free to link in the comments.
Yet Another Law Blog, Butterflyfish, Jobu, 3L TPE at Semantic Chicanery, the rather terrifying folks at Gump's Law (interests are "Law Review, Nothing else" and "Conservatism and Law Review. In that order"), the one JD/MBA and the one pre-law I've dug up, round out the list.

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