January 26, 2007

Canucks Are Just Asking to Get Attacked

by PG

�It�s a little presumptuous for him to say who the United States can and cannot allow into our country.� David H. Wilkins, the United States ambassador to Canada, speaking of Canada's minister of public safety.

After reaching a settlement with Maher Arar, in which he will get 10.5 million Canadian dollars ($8.9 million), the Canadian government apologized again for their police's false assertions to U.S. officials that got Arar sent to be tortured in Syria. But the Canadians have gone too far in their mealy-mouthedness: they are telling the U.S. -- us! -- that Arar, his wife and their school-aged children shouldn't be on our watchlist. Where do they get off telling us who is and isn't a threat to America?! Just because they're too dumb to discern what's dangerous about him from our confidential file on Arar is no reason we should follow their blindness.

Just like when they acquitted brown people who were charged with terrorism in the crash of Air India 182 (which killed 329 people and until September 11 was the worst single attack in modern history), the Canadians are once again getting all "Oh, we don't have have enough evidence against these Sikhs Muslims." Evidence, schmevidence -- they wear a turban, they hate India America, we've got cells open in Gitmo. If you don't put them in a civil trial, they can't be declared not guilty. This is war, people!

/Colbert. The Arar incident was sufficiently well known in Canada that it was referenced in a new CBC sitcom, when a Muslim man detained at the airport asks if they're going to send him to Syria.

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