May 3, 2007

I'm not the only one...

by Dave

I'm obviously not the only person who sees the connections between Wayne Lo and Cho Seung Hui. Apparently, Wayne Lo sees the connections, too.

Reporter: Did you relate to Seung-Hui Cho because you�re both Asian?

Wayne Lo: At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but as more details came out, there were just too many eerie similarities to me. He was an immigrant, like myself. The events leading up to the shooting, the warning signs he gave out really reminded me of what happened at Simon�s Rock. They said he had mental-health issues. I don�t really think I had mental-health issues, but I did give out those warning signs. He harassed women, and I also had an incident where I was accused of stalking a female classmate. He went and purchased a gun at a store 40 minutes out of town; so did I. He wrote papers that got people�s attention; I did that, too.

Other things I noted: Wayne seems to be placing a lot of blame on the ease with which he was able to buy a gun. Regardless of the policy reasons behind banning guns, I got one thing to say: Wayne's gun didn't kill people, Wayne killed people.

He also seems to fancy himself as a bit of an iconic figure. He thinks that because of the path that he started, the rules should be changed:

Do you think that Cho�s writings should have been more of a red flag than they were?/strong> It�s ludicrous that they didn�t stop this guy with all the warning signs. I mean, come on, I did this 15 years ago. I was one of the first school shooters. The question is, how don�t we learn from it? They�ve done studies; they know the typical warning signs now. How could they not see this coming?

What should be done when teachers or parents spot these warning signs?
Drastic measures should be taken. You should kick the kid out of school.

But did either of you really do anything that warranted kicking you out?
No. I certainly didn�t. But for him, in 2007, with all these precedents, there should be different standards.

I'm not terribly happy about posting this, giving Lo a larger audience, and carrying on what is a largely depressing thread for me, but that's the way it is. Maybe posting it will allow me to get the eerie words from Wayne out of my head and get back to outlining Contracts.

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May 3, 2007 5:52 PM | TrackBack

Dear Dave,

German Dave? That's the only Dave I can recall right now. Didn't read your original blog- but saw this one. First off let me apologize for all the pain and agony I've caused you. Even though I didn't physically hurt you, I've hurt you as well as everyone in the SRC community deeply- in a emotional sense. I don't ask for your forgiveness or even to accept my apology- but I must apologize none the less. Indeed- the SKS carbine did not walk out the gun store and kill people. I walked out with it. But then again, I could not have killed without the gun. You remember me. Could I have hurt anyone- killed anyone with my hands? If you are German Dave then you could have squashed me like a bug. So the fact remains- Cho or I could not have done damage without a gun. I'm not trying to pawn myself off as some iconic figure. Facts are facts. For Cho to do what he did 15 years after SRC is analogous to 20 Arabs hijacking planes and taking down the Sears' tower in 2016. What would you say if that happened? Do you think Cho could have been allowed to carry out his crime if the administration at VA Tech knew about SRC? All those similarities and warning signs? Anyway, no doubt you'll be writing more blogs about this new controversy over my website. Call it what you will- my narcissism, egotism- I'm just taking advantage of the lesser of many evils and sending money to Mr. Gibson. Doesn't make me a good person. Anyway, thanks for your time.


Posted by: wayne lo at May 31, 2007 10:07 AM
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