May 5, 2007

Tyco, Leather Pants and Milberg Weiss: A Request

by PG

Now I know how people feel about reading my long posts and comments. Would someone with more patience (and time, as I've three final exams still to go) than I possess be able to summarize what the "Bitter Queen" is alleging? The last two paragraphs give some idea, but not enough:

Among other deficiencies in Milberg Weiss's investigation -- in addition to those identified above -- are the following. For example, Ms. Tadler advised me that Keith Anderson, Esq. flatly denied all of my allegations. However, Milberg Weiss terminated him on July 22 in connection with an earlier and separate investigation, and that he subsequently would not admit culpable behavior to Milberg Weiss -- or anyone else, for that matter -- hardly is surprising. Indeed, in light of his July 22 termination, it is surprising that he subsequently met with Milberg Weiss at all as Ms. Tadler purports was the case. Moreover, although Ms. Tadler advised me that she spoke with the involved individuals, she offered no representation as to whether as part of the investigation she examined the emails by and to the involved individuals that were sent, received or read on Milberg Weiss computers. In addition to Milberg Weiss assigning firm email accounts to each of the temporary attorneys, I observed on several occasions many people accessing their personal email accounts on Milberg Weiss computers, and accordingly, such information is available to Milberg Weiss if, in ensuring the thoroughness of its investigation, it chooses to examine this material.

Finally, I suggest that Milberg Weiss itself may have encouraged an intentional white washing of the incidents against me, and was motivated by self-interest to engage in a superficial and cursory internal investigation of my allegations. After all, if the involved temporary attorneys were engaged in billing fraud in accordance with my suspicions, then Milberg Weiss would be hard pressed to bill their time to the court in a fee application upon settlement of the Tyco Securities Litigation. Milberg Weiss currently is the subject of a Justice Department investigation in three separate federal districts concerning the alleged use of paid plaintiffs and paid expert witnesses, and further is the subject of an SEC investigation.

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If you're for real, don't post on this board; if you've really "got the goods", contact the Assistant United States Attorney in Los Angeles prosecuting Milberg Weiss, Bob McGahagan at 213 894 2434 and follow the advice of Joe Kennedy, "Don't get mad...get even."

Posted by: Howard Sirota at May 6, 2007 1:20 PM
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