May 7, 2007

PG Is Impersonated

by PG

Having said my last say on the AutoAdmit controversy, I was surprised to find myself getting pulled into a different fight between the named and anonymous: Philip Klein, whose web design on the Southeast Texas Political Review I critiqued in passing while commenting on a lawsuit against him, and "The Gutless Mr. Anonymous" at The Decline of Klein. The latter quoted my criticisms in his blog attacking Mr. Klein, and Mr. Klein replied. As I mentioned in the earlier De Novo post, SETPR's links are unstable, so I've copied his post after the jump. The part that worried me was this, in reference to my De Novo post:

DOK : As an example, I particularly liked your recent exchange on the relatively unknown legal blog, De Novo:

Response : I know - I had never heard about that site. He gives good advice. Oh... and he called me. Nice guy. Wanted to tell me what he thought of the lawsuit. Funny thing what others see out there looking into Jefferson County.
Unless I have been sleep-calling radio shows, I never have called Mr. Klein. I am a little distubed by the thought that someone could have seen my post and decided to call Mr. Klein, pretending to be me, so I'm hoping that his remark about having called him was a joke, or actually intended to reference someone other than me.

"The Decline of Kline"
By Philip R. Klein, Editor

And then there were six as it was once said.

What am I talking about? Well, over the last 13 years since I have been doing this site, there have been six sites dedicated to "spreading" the other side of the word. Meaning? Who knows?

So now we welcome #7. It is called the "Decline of Kline and this afternoon we have published the link to our front page. And the site gets it's due.

You may ask - why does he put a site up that is dedicated against him?

I do it for a few reasons.

First, it increases our readership. The more hits the better for us. It keeps interest in what we write and then others run over to the other site to see what the anti-klines (AK's) write.

Second, it is a good insight for you the reader to see the thought process of who and what runs Jefferson County Texas. It can and will get interesting. It is also funny to watch the writers do the same thing they accuse me of!

And last - it gives the AK's a place to go and be heard. Yes, they are gutless and they are too scared to sign their names. That is the reason for the blog - a place to go run and hide. So keep that in mind when you read the posts.

This morning I received an email from a good friend of mine that keeps up with this stuff in Houston for me. A download continues to come from two places - Lamar University and a local lawyers IP address. Thus - we kind of have an idea who is writing it and why. This morning my buddy wrote me an email and sent me a copy of the "open letter" to myself.

So - to kick off our newly found relationship - I will answer. So let's start the fun with Blog Site NUMBER 7 - "The Delcine" of Kline. His is in black my response is in regular type.

DOK : I heard the portion of your weekly radio show devoted to me and the Decline of Kline this past Saturday. Based on the number of local commercials that I heard during your two hours on the air, I'm guessing I'll probably pick up at least 5 or 6 new readers from that mention. Thanks!

Response : You are welcome. And welcome to our front page where you will be front and center for all to see!

DOK : While I certainly appreciate the mention, it's not necessary. Word is apparently spreading about this site. As an example, this blog was also mentioned on MegaDump last week. Who knows - maybe I'll even show up in Mr. Sluggo's Top 30.

Response : Great! We hope you make it to number one! It helps us. We love success! We wish you nothing but the best!

DOK : Calling your radio show "the area's only radio blog" is an oxymoron (key word read on). Since a blog is short for a web log, your radio show is really a radio show about a web log. This is typical of your basic misunderstanding of most issues, but in the greater scheme of things, this one is no big deal. More importantly, that claim is a blatant falsehood. Drudge has had a two-hour show on KLVI for the past 10 years or so. I bet Drudge's ratings are better than yours, too.

Response : I am not sure how that works. My station does all of the production and commercials as well as bumpers (intros and exits). But I will ask this next week at our production meeting. I was unaware that Drudge does a show. I know - I do misunderstand a bunch in the radio business - but I am learning. We have done about 75 or so shows and each one I try to improve. And as for Drudge - I have never heard his show, but my guess is that you are right - he is better. I would hope so anyway.

DOK : Attributing the reason that I'm not displayed on your front page to the anonymity of this blog is another lie. The Trog Blog (Beaumont Underground) is anonymous, yet you regularly comment on that blog in Tidbits and a link is included on your front page. I really don't care if this site is displayed on your front page or not, but at least have the integrity to admit the truth: your ego is too fragile to allow regular criticism of your confused opinions.

Response : First - yes you do care or you would not mention it. So be honest with yourself - you get your jollies out of it. It is okay. Many have come before you and will after.

Okay - lets test your theory. Okay? You are up and running - go get 'em big guy! Get up on your speakers podium and give your speeches cloaked with your bag on your head! You deserve your chance just like the other six before! But I kind of think it will get old also. You can only call me so many names, call me a liar (three times so far in your diatribe), or talk about my personal life so many times before people think it is just more of the same. Credibility is important - and helping yours might be a good thing if you sign your name. But it is easier for you to hide like a little school boy and throw your rocks. Yes, a couple will hit, but in the end when we face each other - you will lose (ask the other six). But you know that - that is why you hide now. Pride in your work? Never mind - it is your 1st amendment right? That seems to be selective here in Jefferson County. Welcome to the club - once you are in - you are in. And trust me - you are in.

DOK : I had to laugh when you claimed that you've only briefly looked at this site once or twice. I know you check here frequently - you are as subtle as a 9 pound hammer...that's funny, no matter who you are. According to my own anonymous sources, this blog has become one of your daily stops while combing the internet looking for any mention of your name.

Response : Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but I really did not hear about your site until last Monday and started to look at it. Three times in all. I just do not have the time. I wish I had more time. However, to be honest with you, it is kind of boring. The same old crap that the six other sites have put up over the past six year. In fact, I only read your posts and a couple of the readers writings - not much to it. I did like the Friday Fact check. Keying on the stuff you see as wrong is pretty good - but I noticed that the other 75% of the content was not mentioned? Advice - if you are going to do it - spend some time on it. I know you are busy - but if you are going to do it - do it. It helps our readership - and yours.

DOK : As an example, I particularly liked your recent exchange on the relatively unknown legal blog, De Novo:

Response : I know - I had never heard about that site. He gives good advice. Oh...and he called me. Nice guy. Wanted to tell me what he thought of the lawsuit. Funny thing what others see out there looking into Jefferson County.

DOK : Bear in mind that PG's take was based on a one-time visit to your site. He obviously doesn't realize that no permanent links exist because you don't want anyone keeping track of past statements for accountability. Nor does he realize that any confusion between news and opinion is purely intentional. That is, if you truly know the difference between news and opinion.

Response : Thanks....we never had in mind being a news type person. I am and editorialist that gives the story behind the story. A couple of folks in the mainstream tell me that we break stories that are shut down in their newsrooms for some reason. Something about lawyers and worry? Strange? But it is an honor for a mainstream Blog to write about us! Gone national!

DOK : I thought his fourth comment was the funniest, however. He apparently doesn't realize that those aren't mistakes in editing; rather, they're quite representative of your abilities, as evidenced by your frequent malapropisms such as "copy write" for "copyright" and "liable" for "libel."

Response : I know - I have been bad at spelling most of my life. I am getting a little better but it is an uphill battle. the way...did you look at your posts? Ah yes - the fun has just begun!

DOK : If only PG knew you like we do - I'm sure he'd also have something to say about your ficticious sources, your personal agenda poorly disquised as political commentary, and your truculent attempts at bullying others.

Response : your ficticious sources / disquised as political - I am not real sure here but should that not read : your fictitious sources / disguised as political - ? Moving on - my personal agenda is to write a political web site and tell the stories that others cannot tell on a low tech bad spelling web site and draw out gutless whining, bad spelling, and most of all whining school boys play your games as we all laugh. Kind of like yours?

And by the way :

My name is Philip Klein - and this IS the Southeast Texas Political Review!

May 7, 2007 4:52 PM | TrackBack

PG, you have now witnessed first hand how much of a chronic liar Philip Klein really is.

Posted by: Vick at May 7, 2007 10:43 PM

Don't judge us based on Klien's deceit and stupidity. Read another response at

Posted by: WJ at May 8, 2007 12:55 AM
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