May 23, 2007

A Sad Moment

by PG

When I find myself
1) Reading Above the Law's analysis of the New York Times wedding announcement page; and
2) Agreeing with an anonymous Above the Law commenter, who says, "Cleary tax + Paul Weiss not = winning legal eagles? Meh..." Or if the double-Ivy and BigLaw combo doesn't do it for you (having married a law school classmate herself, perhaps Laurie Lin finds this an uninteresting way to meet), why not a Law Review EIC with a news producer?

I trust that a Columbia Law shutout wouldn't happen on Lat's Legal Eagle Wedding watch. His dependable set of standards -- "(1) their r�sum�s; (2) their families; (3) couple balance (how well-matched they are); and (4) beauty (but only if there's a picture of the happy couple)" -- has been abandoned for Lin's sighs over salsa and patronizing assumptions. ("Something tells us that preppiness was neither a goal nor a possibility for the Lisboa clan." Because only WASPs can be preppy? Lisboa's dad is a New Jersey judge; they're hardly FOBs.)

On the upside, Lin's links to the couples' wedding registries, presumably found through the wonder of Google, are a good reminder to put a robots.txt or other code on your wedding website to avoid having it picked up by search engines and inquisitive bloggers.

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