Our Symposia

No symposium could possibly rival the paradigmatic grace and fervor of Plato's classic dialogue. But many symposia successfully bring together various perspectives on a common topic in order to create a more robust overall impression of a subject than any single voice could provide. By adapting this basic premise to the Internet, we hope to capture some of the uniquely dialectical energy of the blogosphere and present it in a common online forum.

Ideally, our symposia will include a host of thoughtful writing from authors of every stripe: professors and students, professionals and amateurs, bloggers and mere readers.

Perhaps you're tired of muttering contemptuously at a TV that doesn't talk back. Maybe you're a professor whose thoughts would interest a broader audience than the specialized readership of a scholarly journal. Maybe you've already published something that deserves another airing. Or maybe you just have something interesting to say.

Whatever the case may be, if you have something to share about one of our upcoming or in-progress symposium topics, we want to hear it. Send your thoughts to us: submit-at-blogdenovo.org, and we'll gladly consider including them in the relevant symposium.

If you choose to submit, please indicate in the subject line which symposium topic you're writing about, and in the body, please say whether you prefer anonymity.

Thanks for visiting De Novo! We hope you'll come back soon, and we look forward to reading your submissions and suggestions.

Upcoming Symposia:
Bar Review, Bar Exam
What I Did During Summer Vacation.

Past Symposia:
Perspectives on Legal Education
Internet, Law and Culture
Joining a Journal